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Wholesale 2.0 KPI Tracker

Wholesale 2.0 KPI Tracker

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Wholesale 2.0 Metrics Tracker - Everything to measure for any level investor!

“Tired of not knowing your number? We generate over 4000 leads a year and manage our pipeline with our killer customized wholesale 2.0 KPI tracker. What gets measured, gets done! ✅.. “

Track all vital metrics in your business on a single spreadsheet! This Marketing KPI Tracker was designed to start at the top of the business funnel and track performance the entire way through realization of profit.

Take out the guess work by simply inputting your results and the sheet auto populates the results. Color coded with a legend and training video for instant results with no formulas required!

KPIs Calculated

  • Gross Leads To Net Lead Conversion %
  • Appointments Set Conversion %
  • Appointments Attened Conversion %
  • Contracts Written Conversion %
  • Contract Closed Conversion %
  • Lead To Contract %
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Cost Per Appointment
  • Cost Per Contract
  • Total Profit
  • Average Deal Profit
  • Return On Investment (ROI/ROAS)

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More Deals. Greater Profit.

Increase profitability on deals in your pipeline, and create opportunities on deals you may have consiered unsellable previously.

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    FREE access to our weekly traning calls for all aspects of doing Novations.