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Brewer Method Novations Course

Brewer Method Novations Course

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Stuck in a Wholesaling Rut? Need a New Way to Get More Deals? Then look no further! The Brewer Method's Wholesaling 2.0 Course & Group Coaching Program is your ticket to closing more deals with higher spreads by using a technique that’s like no other. For more than 16 years, Eric Brewer has perfected the art of implementing Novations into his real estate investing business, and now he wants to share his secrets with you. Our program gives you all the necessary tools for success!

  • Training — Our online training will walk you through each step of the novations process and provide detailed explanations along the way.
  • Coaching — Weekly group coaching is included, and during the calls you will have access to the brightest minds in the business and get to pick their brains for knowledge all along the way.
  • Get Help with Your Deals - You don't have to go it alone! We'll partner with you on your novation deals and our team will handle every step of the closing process while you "earn to learn." It's the quickest and easiest way to get up and running with learning how to properly do novations!
  • Tools — Our online library of documents will give you all the tools you'll need to successfully complete your novation deals.
  • Community - Exclusive access to our Mighty Networks social platform. All of our students gathered in one place, able to bounce ideas and share knowledge with each other.
  • Customizable Infographics— You will receive infographics you can customize with your logo to help you walk your sellers through the novation process.

And a plethora of more information and resources will be available at your fingertips!! What do you have to lose? You’re already leaving money on the table.

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More Deals. Greater Profit.

Increase profitability on deals in your pipeline, and create opportunities on deals you may have consiered unsellable previously.

  • Free Support

    Gain access to our community with unlimited support through your entire transaction.

  • Ongoing Training

    FREE access to our weekly traning calls for all aspects of doing Novations.