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Eric Brewer

Since 2006, as a real estate investor, Eric Brewer has done over 3000 residential real estate deals in Pennsylvania and Maryland. His experience covers purchase, renovation, direct to seller marketing, novations, turnkey rentals, property management and wholesale. Currently owner of Integrity First Home buyers, that does nearly 350 deals per year, and is comprised of 40+ staff members, including a COO and full executive leadership team. 

Eric believes in dedication to family and community. He and his team actively help provide annual donations and sponsorships for children, student athletes, local churches and those in need. His commitment to service started in 1994 when joining the United States Army in the Avionics Division. After serving, Eric got his start in business in the auto industry, working his way up from lot attendant to General Sales manager in a few short years. 

His greatest joy is his wife Sonia, daughters; Mya, Lily, Olivia, and Sophia ages 1- 7 years and their son, Camden. Camden is currently attending the prestigious Blue Ridge Academy where he has proven himself to be a leader, in the classroom and on the basketball court as well as football field. As an entrepreneur, Eric continues to grow his brand and share his knowledge and experience through motivational and educational speaking engagements.

Dan Brault

Dan Brault has been in real estate since 2016, having done a wide range of deals: historic properties, luxury home flips, wholesaling apartment buildings and single family homes and rental properties. Dan has been in professional sales since 2008, and has long surpassed his "10,000 hours". Dan is a professional real estate and sales coach, has his own investing business, and is the COO for the Brewer Method.

Dan is a committed husband and father, lives a health-focused plant-based life, and has a passion for coaching and business development. Having coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and individuals over his career, Dan is committed to creating transformations in the real estate community by coaching, leading and building others.

When not building companies, Dan can be found with his wife and children, reading, at the gym, or exploring his new city in Orlando, FL. 

Matt VieBrock

Matt Viebrock is one of the co-founders of the Brewer Method. He is also the founder and CEO of Cashflow Society, LLC, a nationwide real estate investment firm that specializes in buying, selling, and leasing single family residential, commercial, multi-family properties, and mobile home parks. He’s been involved in over 2,000 real estate transactions as a realtor and investor since graduating from Texas A&M University in 2010.

As a strategic systems-oriented thinker, Matt's primary mission when working with other real estate investors is to empower them with the knowledge and resources that will help them exponentially scale their businesses. His goal is to leave a lasting and positive impact on his Brewer Method students so they can create “win-win” opportunities that elevate their clients and the neighborhoods in which they invest.

Matt derives great satisfaction out of providing the highest level of customer service possible, while finding creative and efficient ways to turn the daunting and normally stressful experience of buying, selling, and lending on properties and scaling companies into an enjoyable experience, worthy of our clients’ future referrals and repeat business.

Outside of work, Matt spends the majority of his time with his wife Lindsey and their two children in Austin, TX. Matt also enjoys traveling the world with his family, pursuing his private pilot’s license, movies, reading, fishing, and networking with other like-minded individuals.

Steve Trang

Steve Trang is the founder of the Real Estate Disruptors and a co-founder of the Brewer Method. He started his podcast in 2018 to inspire wholesalers and real estate agents to double their incomes by adding a second leg to their business. The podcast has grown to tens of thousands of followers, with new members sharing their success stories every week.

Steve also created the OfferFast Homes app. The app helps wholesalers quickly jump-start their careers by putting all buyers in one convenient place. Steve hopes to minimize the challenge of building a buyer list when getting started in wholesaling.

Steve's goal is to create 100 Millionaires. One of his favorite quotes is from the great Zig Ziglar : You can have everything you want in life if you help other people get what they want." He heard this quote when he first got into real estate, and it has stuck with him throughout his entire career. It's one of the core values Steve lives by.

Since starting Stunning Homes Realty in 2013, the brokerage has grown to over 130 agents. Stunning Homes Realty has almost a 1% market share and sells one out of every 137 homes in the Phoenix metro area.


Mike Borger has been investing in real estate for over ten years, and is also a co-founder of the Brewer Method. Originally from outside Philadelphia, Mike finished his marketing studies at Penn State and soon moved to the Washington, DC region where he worked in I.T. for eight years. Simultaneously, he furthered his love of travel and science and earned an M.Sc. in geography from George Mason University. 

Mike then moved into academia full time at The University of Hawaii, publishing independent research in peer-reviewed journals, before coming full circle to business and I.T. by discovering the power of entrepreneurship and online marketing, jumping into the world of real estate investing by using many of the same strategies still in effect today (and some new ones).

He has since flipped many houses over the years in Hawaii with his company Oahu Home Buyers, mostly done remotely from his home in San Diego, and partnered with other investors in secondary markets.

When not working in real estate, Mike enjoys exploring San Diego and beyond with his family, reading, and playing ice hockey.

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