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Earn Huge Profits Like Erics Team: $99,050.50


Earn Huge Profits Like Erics Team: $99,050.50

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Stop leaving money on the table!

Imagine being able to offer more for a property than your competitors, avoid significant expenses, and have every option for selling it at your fingertips.

The Brewer Method™ course includes all contracts, forms, in-depth trainings on how to present novations to sellers, weekly group coaching calls, and an exclusive Mighty Networks page to ask questions and ultimately set you up for success.

Learn step-by-step how to apply the Brewer Method™ to your business and start turning Seller Leads that generally go in the trash into an extra six figures per year to your bottom line.

Eric Brewer

Real Estate Innovator and Community Leader

Central Pennsylvania's real estate virtuoso, Eric Brewer, deftly balances a thriving 17-year career and a growing family of five. As CEO of Brewer Method and Integrity First Home Buyers, Eric leads a team of 35+, completing over 3,000 transactions and 1,500 novations.

A local community staple, Eric supports various stakeholders while nurturing meaningful relationships. A devoted family man, he's passionate about developing others and exploring innovative business strategies. Eric Brewer, a symbol of success, inspires through his dedication to family, community, and professional excellence.

Brewer Method

Novations Course

Stuck in a Wholesaling Rut? Need a New Way to Get More Deals? Then look no further! The Brewer Method's Wholesaling 2.0 Course & Group Coaching Program is your ticket to closing more deals with higher spreads by using a technique that’s like no other. For more than 16 years, Eric Brewer has perfected the art of implementing Novations into his real estate investing business, and now he wants to share his secrets with you. Our program gives you all the necessary tools for success!


  • When will I get access to the course?
You'll receive an onboarding email immediately after you sign up that will have a "next steps action plan" for you to complete - which includes instructions on how to access the online course. Instructions for how to schedule your onboarding "Quick Start" session and your weekly group coaching calls will also be included in that email.
  • What software will I need?
Access to a computer/laptop and internet will be just fine. We do ask that you join our private Facebook group to stay in touch with the community.
  • How soon after purchasing can I get on the Weekly Group Coaching calls?
Weekly Group coaching calls are done on Wednesday's at 3pm est. You will receive a link via email a couple of days before each call and notices about the calls will be posted in our Mighty Networks group. IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that the weekly coaching calls are not accountability calls and we DO NOT conduct seller closing appointments for you on those calls. Too much legal liability for us to be involved unless you'd like to partner on the deal with us.
  • Can I do this in my market?
We have students doing novations successfully in markets across the country as of this writing (2022), however, laws change all the time. We're not attorneys, so we recommend you check with a real estate attorney in your market before you purchase the course if you're not sure.
  • Does this replace wholesaling?
Perhaps! Wholesaling has its place for ugly houses that you're selling for quick cash, but novations give you a secret tool in your toolbox for massively increasing your profits per deal and turning dead leads into cash. And with novations, you can effectively wholesale your properties to retail buyers getting loans and buying at market value!
  • Is this a form of creative financing?
Not really. It's a wholesale style transaction, typically to a retail buyer that is getting an FHA, VA, USDA, or Conventional loan -- but best of all, it allows you to circumvent those lending programs' 60-90 day "seasoning requirements" (meaning you must own the property for that amount of time before you can resell the property to a buyer that's getting a loan). It's most similar to a "wholetail" transaction, but you're not taking title or holding onto the property. Instead, you're just selling to a retail buyer at full market value to maximize your profit, versus just making a small assignment fee.
  • What if I need more coaching beyond the 3 months of Weekly Group Coaching calls?
We have ongoing weekly Coaching Calls that are done in a Q & A style forum and this is your time to ask any questions you might have.
  • Does this include 1-on-1 coaching?
Need more personalized coaching? Let's talk! We can work out a custom coaching plan to help meet your needs.
  • What do I do if I get stuck in the middle of a deal?
If you get stuck trying to put together a novation, post in our private Mighty Networks group for the quickest support from our team and the community.
  • Can I do deals with you guys until I get confident to do them on my own?
Yes! We love working deals with our students. When you sign up, you'll get a link to submit your leads for us to review.

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